Why don't I receive notifications from SENS8?

Make sure notifications are enabled 

Make sure you have a good mobile signal and your device is not in 'do not disturb' or 'airplane mode.' Both iOS and Android have these settings that can block alerts and notifications from being received.

Double-check that you've allowed SENS8 to send you notifications. In your mobile device's settings, verify that you've enabled this feature and that the specific notification style for the SENS8 app meets your preferences.

Enable iOS notifications

Tap the Settings app.

Tap Notifications.

Scroll down and tap the SENS8 app icon.

Make sure the Allow Notifications toggle is green.

Make sure the Show on Lock Screen toggle is green.

Make sure Alert Style When Unlocked is set to Banners or Alerts.


Enable Android notifications

Navigate to the Settings app.

Tap Apps.

Tap SENS8.

Select Show notifications.