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Q: Is there any monthly fee with SENS8?

A: There is absolutely no monthly fee for using SENS8 - ever. Surveillance and unlimited cloud storage through our Dropbox/Google drive API are both absolutely free. These savings can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Q: Can SENS8 record HD videos?

A: While armed, SENS8 features motion-activated HD video recording. The recorded HD video is stored in the local microSD card storage and your Dropbox or Google drive if you have accounts and storage space.

Q: Is there a user accessible local storage?

A: Yes, Sens8 supports a MicroSD card as local video/image storage. It provides the option of additional privacy protection and storage. To show our gratitude, every Indiegogo backer will receive an 8G microSD card for each SENS8 they purchase during the crowdfunding campaign.

Can I share my SENS8 with others?

A: Yes, you can share your Sens8 with your family members to monitor your home. Sens8 supports up to 4 users per device.

Q: Does SENS8 have a backup battery?

A: Yes, there is a backup battery to provide power to Sens8 even if the AC power is out, or sabotaged by intruders. Sens8 can function for at least 0.5 hour without AC power.

Q: Does SENS8 support night vision?

A: Yes. A high quality night vision camera is included in Sens8.

Q: Can I add multiple SENS8 units to my account?

A: Yes, you can add multiple units to a single account. For a bigger house, you might consider putting one SENS8 in the living room and another on the second floor.

Q: What’s smartphone platforms does SENS8 support?

A: iOS and Android apps are both available for Sens8.

Q: How many SENS8 do I need in my home?

A: It’s entirely dependent on your house or apartment. We recommend one SENS8 per floor.

Q: What is the Warranty?

A: We provide a one (1) year limited warranty.

Q: What is the video resolution?

A: SENS8 supports three video resolutions, HD 1080p, SD 720p and LD 480p. It will automatically switch video resolution based on the network situation to provide the best user experience.

Q: Can I have multiple SENS8s and set them up in different locations?

A: You can set up as many SENS8 units as you want, and easily access all of them with the SENS8 app.

Q: Do I need an Internet connection to use SENS8?

A: Yes. SENS8 must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz). The setup process should only take a few minutes.

Q: How does SENS8 send alerts when burglaries occur?

A: SENS8 will send notifications to users’ smartphones and trigger the 95dB+ alarm to deter burglaries.

Q: How does SENS8 monitor my home environments in addition to video surveillance?

A: SENS8 is equipped with many high-precision sensors (1080p HD camera with night vision, PIR motion sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, ambient light and sound sensor), which monitor the environmental information of your home. SENS8 can intelligently sense many abnormal events in houses such as break-ins, abnormal changes in temperature, humidity, ambient light, and sounds etc.

Q: What is the effective range of SENS8?

A: SENS8 is designed to be effective in the range of 30-40ft. It can detect sounds through a whole house, and will detect indoor temperature and humidity near the device. We consulted with police departments, and statistics show that the most efficient place to put the device is the living room. In a smaller house or an apartment, one device is enough. In a large house, 2-3 devices will provide adequate coverage.

Q: How does SENS8 tell the difference between an intruder and a pet?

A: SENS8 use patent-pending sensor fusion technology to tell the difference between an intruder and a pet. Currently, false alarms caused by small pets have been nearly eliminated, and we are optimizing SENS8 to discriminate between an intruder and big pets.

Q: Can I turn the alarm on or off using the app?

A: Yes. You can easily turn the alarm on or off using the SENS8 app. It’s your freedom to take actions when you receive the push notifications of any events.