How to Get started with SENS8

1.Download the SENS8 app

Download the SENS8 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

App Store:

Play Store:

Then, launch the app to create your account.


2   Create an account

Register a SENS8 account to manage one or more SENS8 devices. Use an existing email address as your username, but we recommend creating a unique password for your account.


3   Setup Process

After creating your account, a series of onscreen prompts will guide you through the setup process.

Here’s a video for reference: 


4   Find the perfect spot

We recommend placing SENS8 in a central, high-traffic area of your home. In larger homes, we recommend setting up a SENS8 near each main entrance.

If you think you’ve found a suitable place, try streaming Watch Live from your device there. If it plays without interruption, you’ve found a good place for your device to live.

SENS8 is featured with Health Index, which shows the health status of your indoor environment. The index is affected by a variety of factors, including dust, heat, and humidity. Position SENS8 away from other heat-generating electronics in a dry, dust-free area to get the most accurate information on your home environmental conditions.