• SENS8 adopts the advanced storage technology that saves you 100s’ dollars a year and SENS8 protects you even without AC power.

    • Revolutionary Storage

      The first home security system that adopts the eMMC technology,  a built-in chip supporting 8G local storage that is equal to thousands hours of video clips. With the chip, no one can steal SENS8’s memory by taking a SD card away.

  • Cost Less

    Or you can upload the video clips  to Google Drive and Dropbox, which means no pesky monthly fees EVER, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. SENS8 supports bank-level encryption when transmitting your data. SENS8 cares about your privacy as you do.

    Backup Battery: Risk-Proof

    With other security devices, when an intruder cuts the power you are out of luck. SENS8 has them beat, with an internal battery that will keep the alarm sounding and the device running for up to half an hour.